DVD (1 of 2) Pitcher Perfect: Your Guide to Safe and Efficient Pitching Mechanics by Jennie Finch


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Pitcher Perfect offers what no other DVD has before: a scientific and medically-based approach to windmill pitching mechanics. Jennie Finch, Olympic gold medalist and professional player, started pitching at age 8. Jennie and Doug Finch (Jennie’s father and pitching coach) share their fundamentals of pitching, all based on the biomechanical studies of Sherry Werner, Ph.D. (study results included). According to Dr. Werner, who has the largest biomechanics database of windmill pitchers in the world, less than 1% of pitchers are pitching safely today. This unique approach of adding science to the art of pitching makes this DVD a must have for every windmill pitcher.

Running Time: 45 minutes + Biomechanical Studies

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